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The macrobiotic consultation process is as fallows:

You will receive this consultation content information in advance, including;

about Dan Lennox, Peace Through Harmony

about Macrobiotics

disclosure information

consultation questionnaire

There will be an in person consultation with Dan Lennox at a place to be determined, lasting about 90 minutes where health issues will be discussed as well as body and facial observations made.

please do not wear any make up

wear loose fitting shirt or blouse and pants, short sleeve are best

photos for future reference may be taken

you may bring one friend for support

there will be no scribe, I will take my own notes

I ask that the session not be recorded

preliminary recommendations will be given at the end of the session

Within a week or so of the session you will receive in writing:

what I see as the “Big Picture” in regards to your condition    

dietary recommendations

a one week menu plan, including recipes

recommended home remedies and exercises

beneficial life style recommendations

I will be available for two 10 minute sessions to answer questions by phone for a few weeks after you receive your recommendations.  

  My role as your macrobiotic counselor is to offer my perspective on how best to live in harmony with the natural world. It is your job to take the steps necessary to achieve this for your self. No two person's truths are the same, your path is your own. This service is educational.

   The cost of these services are $175.00 ($100 if your income is less than $2,200 a month), $100.00 at the time of the consultation, and $75.00 upon receiving the recommendations. Payable in cash or a personal check.

  There are a lot of books and magazines about macrobiotics. I recommend these:

“The Macrobiotic Way” by Mishio Kushi; Mishio is a leading authority on macrobiotics. His book describes yin-yang theory, food nutrient values, recipes and exercise.  

“Basic Macrobiotic Cooking” by Julia Ferre is a cook book and much more. It shows cutting techniques, menu plan for a meal, a week or according to season, as well as easy to follow recipes. I may have copies of these books available for sale.

Macrobiotics Today” is a magazine with the latest in the macrobiotic world,  macrobiotic summer camp, and books.  The web site is:

Contact Dan at:


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