Cooking Classes

Miso Making  Class, Sunday, November 3: 2 PM to 5:30 PM   

Santa Rosa, California

(we will soon be offering online classes)

Dan’s cooking class and social will be getting together with others interested in learning macrobiotic cooking and create a meal. I will share cooking techniques such as cutting vegetables, different ways of cooking grains and vegetables, as well as how to balance a meal. You will learn how to cook according to local climate, season, and personal physical condition. Recipes will be included.  

After preparing the meal, we will all sit and enjoy the food, and each others company. After the meal I will ask that everyone help clean up.  

The class fee is $17 with pre-registration the week before and $20 thereafter.

Please bring an apron and vegetable knife, if you have one. All food and utensils are provided

Please join us

Call 707-526-9154

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