The Macrobiotic approach to health and well being is based on eating and living according to one's  place in the order of nature. Since we are beings of nature we function at our best when in harmony with it. As throughout human history grains and vegetables have been at the center of our diet.

  According to macrobiotics, food preparation is also important. In summer lighter cooking is good, in winter longer cooking is appropriate. Usually cooked food is best because it starts the digestive process which helps the body absorb nutrients.

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Macro Dan’s Peace Through Harmony

These are the Japanese symbols for “harmony,” and for “peace.” They are the rice plant, and the open mouth.


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About Dan Lennox,

Peace Through Harmony Macrobiotics

  I was first introduced to macrobiotics by someone I met two days before my eighteenth birthday, in July of 1975. Three days after eating brown rice and veggies I noticed a strong sense of well-being, even before my morning run. That experience stayed with me to this day,

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